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Ralph Henricks’ Tainan Assignment

November 1967—December 1969


Captain Ralph Henricks’ assignment at Tainan AB was the Base Procurement Officer, “but, the several Sergeants assigned to the office really ran the place.” 

“I helped out when they let me (how do you think I was able to get in so much photography?”)

My wife and (at that time) only son accompanied me and they are in a few of the photos.

Editor note:  I asked Captain Henricks if he climbed the water tower when it was under repair as an excuse to be up there to  check on the work being done.

Captain Henricks, “Well if you must know, I imposed on the contractor, so I could “inspect” the painting and maintenance jobs we had contracted for.  I was told by the Deputy Base Commander later that he wasn’t that pleased when he learned that we (me) had been up there.  As you might notice, there are at least two photos of the tower with bamboo scaffolding.  These photos were actually taken in the months indicated in the photo titles.  Once for painting and once for repair of a leak!  Since the procurement office was just below the tower, we didn’t want to be flooded out if it sprang a leak (again.)

Here we go, some of best photographs we have received of Tainan Air Base, from the camera of Ralph Henricks....

On-Base Photographs begin below:  1967-1969


Tainan Air Base.  Appreciate anyone pointing out what was in all those brick warehouses out in the far distance.  Also who knows what was in each of the buildings in the photo.

Motor  pool, assorted buildings and flight line in the distance.

 Base Theater with Air Asia in the background.


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