The Rebuild of Taipei Air Station

This picture was taken during one of the Chinese holidays in 1973I cut and pasted two pictures together. 

On the left side, under the barber pole is the NCO Club,  in the middle is CE and on the right is the Navy Exchange/Library

and Hobby Shops.

Picture and commentary courtesy of O.K. Langley

Fresh pictures — January 2008.  Here is the entrance to the old NCO Club.                         New  Photos courtesy: John Hurst

New windows have been cut into the wall.

The sidewalk is still red.

It looks like the street lights are the same ones in the photograph above, circa 1973—34 years ago.

These buildings were built after I departed TAS, so they are not familiar to me. 

What do you notice?  E-mail me and I will add your remarks.

Notice the rail on the stairway in the old NCO Club pictures above.  The stairs go to the School of Management.  So, one would assume that these old TAS buildings are now occupied by the class rooms or offices of the School of Management.  When I get back to Taipei, I will ask when I visit the site. 







This was the old 327th Air Division Headquarters building, other offices including the 2165th Comm Sq were here. 

School must  be in session.  This is unusual, I don’t see a motor scoter anywhere.  Maybe they are parked in a different area.  Not much has changed in 34 years. 



Get orientated again, take a look at this Google Earth Photo.  We will are looking at these buildings today.  The School of Management is the large building between the “New NCO and “Motor Pool”

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