Most folks may not remember Shihmen, a small outpost in the very northern tip of Taiwan.

Few of our military folks were assigned to duty at Shihmen, maybe 10 folks all pulling shift work, so the contingent at any given time was small,  however, those folks made the best of the duty station and like most of us who were stationed in Taiwan, loved the assignment.

The most famous landmark in the area is the Shihmen Rock (Cave).

The Photographs on these Shihmen pages were furnished by Gary Wilson and Chuck Adkins.







Shihmen Cave…  Located about 29 kilometers along Provincial Highway 2 is the Shihmen Cave.  This is not a cave at all, but a stone arch formed by erosion.  Standing at the side of the highway, it offers an excellent spot to look out at the sea.  On top of the stone arch there are seats and what remains of a gun emplacement.  It is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset or watch the clouds that hang over the vast northern ocean.  The arch was formed by tidal erosion before the land was pushed upward.  It now stands high and dry overlooking the coast.  As the whole structure is now above ground, it is an ideal showcase for the different geological strata in this part of Taiwan.




     Photo courtesy Taiwan Government  Circa 2004                                           Photo courtesy of Gary Wilson  TAS—Shihmen 65-66

Shihmen Beach— Are those huts for fishermen’s storage?

Beautiful Beach

The Beach after a Typhoon—lots of rubbish washed on-shore

A school outing to the beach?  Looks like these boys are enjoying the visit

The duty station, Shihmen,  and it’s radar domes on the point

It’s a long drive up to Shihmen from Taipei Air Station and you encounter many folks along the road.  Here is a local farmer.  He reflects the attitude of the Taiwan people, happy and smiling

Here’s a farmers all-in-one vehicle.  His car, his tractor and his truck.  I’m sure I missed something.

Looks like the Taiwan military is involved here, maybe they had a flat tire.  Notice that duce and a half

Truck passing the jeep.  I always wondered about the Chinese characters painted on the box.  What is it?