These next two photographs were sent in by Ted Quarles, Ted ran the water plant at Taipei Air Station during his time there.  He took them a few years ago during a visit to Taipei and  sent them to me this year.  The only building standing that I recognize is our old barracks.   I see my old room which I occupied for a few weeks before moving to the Chinese Hostel downtown next to the Navy Exchange.   My room was the first room on the left after climbing up the outside stairway to the 3rd floor.  I still remember my first earth quake, waking up in the middle of the night and flying down those stairs and onto the street in nothing but my underwear.  It must have been a sight.  A barracks full of GI’s standing around, cold, smoking someone’s cigarettes and wondering when we could get back to our rooms.  I forget how it ended, but the initial shock of my bed shaking around and my jet speed evacuation to the street was unforgettable…...

Obviously in disrepair and probably close to the wrecking ball and it’s demise, here sits our beloved TAS Barracks.   As I look at the building, I visualize the air station as I knew it from this vantage point, during my time 1965-1968.  The dental clinic, the post office, the pool, finance, the little BX, the barber shop, Club 13, my office in the 2165th Comm. Squadron building upstairs.  Wow, this picture really brings the old photographs of my mind’s eye into focus.

All of us, the old fogies of Taipei Air Station, are in the fall of our lives and like the old barracks, we are on our way out of this existence also, our bodies demolished from age, and soon to be demised.  Life was good and the time you spent in Taipei,  hopefully was a high point in your life.           


More Photographs


This is the “Rosetta” photograph referred to earlier used in finding the last of the remaining buildings still standing today.  Note the Barracks and the 2 large white Taiwan Power Company buildings which Bruce Rayle located on Google Earth.