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Hsinchu MAAG


This photograph was taken by Roy about December 1958 probably at a Hsinchu location.  The banner in the bottom of the photo refers to the Republic of China and United States Forces defending the islands of Quemoy (aka Kinmen) and Matsu during the Second Taiwan Straits Crisis, which had wound down a few months earlier.  A friend pointed out that the most likely organizer of this event was probably the National Women’s League of the ROC.  It was created by Madame Chiang Kai-shek on April 17. 1950. The organization performed many of the same functions as the USO (morale and recreational services to members of the military.)

Roy took this photograph at about the same time period as the previous photograph.  In addition to Madam Chiang’s National Women’s League,  there were two other organizations that helped provide morale and recreational services such as this to the military.  The Military Benevolent Association, who was perhaps under the direct supervision of the National Women’s League. The other, China Youth Corps, was established by Chiang Kai-shek and run by his son Chiang Ching-kuo.



More local entertainment circa 1958-1959.

Whenever the Rayles drove to the small Post Exchange (PX) or the military community center to watch a movie or attend church services, they drove past the Kuomin movie theater.  Back in the late 1950’s movie houses were high on the entertainment venue for most,  as can be seen in the number of folks moving about the outside of the entrance of the Kuomin.  The area generally always looked like this, people coming and going, purchasing tickets or waiting for the next performance.  The sign just under the left lantern column indicates that there were 7 showing of the current film that day.     Of course, the last showing had to finish in time to allow all the local folks to be home and off the streets by the time Martial Law curfew began.   

The theater generally showed Japanese and Hong Kong films, although here you can see one of the advertisements heralding the upcoming  British Sci-Fi movie, “Fiend Without a Face.”

The theater has had quite a history, and a number of names since it’s inception. 



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The Kuomin Theater -  Hsinchu -  circa 1959