CCK Air Base


The first time I saw CCK was in early 1966, before the big build up and our Air Force aircraft arrived. 

I was on my first visit down island to visit our Communications Detachments.  My first stop was at our detachment at Taichung, which was located on what is now CCK Air Base.  I’d received instructions from various folks in my office on where to turn off the north south highway (Highway 1) in order to reach our detachment. No road signs were displayed.  I recognized the land marks and made the correct left turn off the highway and drove on a winding road up a hill toward the base.  A short distance after reaching the top, I came upon a gate with a military guard.  Thinking this was the gate onto the base, I approached the young Chinese gate guard, smartly dressed in his uniform and helmet, holding his rifle.  He motioned me to halt.  I stopped, stepped out of my  1965 Ford Mustang and attempted to talk with the guard.  You know the rest of the story, he didn’t speak English, and my Mandarin  was nil at the time, having only arrived in Taipei in December 1965, 4 or 5 months earlier.  I made some hand gestures, pointed fingers toward the inside of the gate,  up the road and smiled.  The guard, seeing an American GI in uniform, arriving at his Post in a non military vehicle, must have been confused. There were not many American military running around the island in civilian automobiles in 1966.  The soldier must have confused and not knowing what to do, he gave in, and let me proceed.  I drove on down the unpaved road.  Shortly, I found my self on the runway!  I was worried.    I could only imagine a plane landing at any minute and me being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Fortunately for me, no planes landed, in fact, there were few if any aircraft on the ramp when I finally found our detachment, which was situated right on the ramp next to some hangers.  Our Personnel Shop was located in a tent!  Seems some young Airmen in the Communications shop, had engaged in things young Airmen sometimes do when times are slow.  One of them had “accidentally” pulled the handle on one of the incendiary devices that always stands ready to destroy classified documents and machinery, yes, you guessed it—the  building was destroyed.  The only thing left standing were some cement pillars, everything else was melted. Strong stuff!   Those devices really work. 

The thing I most remember of that first visit to our detachment in Taichung in early 1966; it was very quiet.  Nothing going on.  By the time I arrived for another visit, things were heating up and dirt was being moved by the earth moving equipment recently arrived from the United States. CCK sprung up virtually over night.

At the time, everyone in our communications detachment lived at the MAAG Hostel in the town of Taichung.  When CCK went up, the folks were housed in those long 1 story buildings.  What a change in such a short period.   But, the Vietnam War needed support and CCK provided. 

Who can fill us in on Taichung, the MAAG Hostel, the club and other interesting stories of CCK and Taichung?

There must be many, many untold stories from you folks who were stationed at CCK. 

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