Dennis Guinane  Remembers…...

I was stationed at CCK from March 13, 1969 to June 25, 1970.

I lived in a two story, open bay, barracks that was fairly close to the flight-line. I worked on the C-130E aircraft and was assigned to the Phase Dock team in one of the revetments for about four months.

While assigned to this team I was sent TDY twice, to Ubon, Thailand to work on the AC-130A Gunships and then to Don Maung, Thailand to work on the C-130's that were sent there to support the operations in Southeast Asia.

After an emergency leave back home to assist my family during my wife's illness, I arranged to be reassigned back to CCK  working on the flight-line as a crew chief on an aircraft. At that time I moved my residence from the Open-bay barracks to Building 336, which was an H-style, one story type barrack. It was great to be able to return back to CCK and my barracks after a two or three week in-put to Thailand or South Vietnam, even though it was usually for a few days and then I was sent back, in-country, again for another in-put.

My two closest friends, who I am still in contact with, helped me through those 16 months away from my family, as I was married and had two children, when I was transferred to CCK.

During my time back "on station" at CCK, I did try to enjoy myself seeing Taiwan.

I would definitely return back to Taiwan, with my wife, to see how the country has changed.