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Today, Tainan Air Base is surrounded by the city of it’s name.  You might want to take a close-up look  at the base today.  Open Google Earth,  copy and lift these coordinates    22.952157  120.210017  paste them into the  “fly to” box, click the looking glass and you will land right over the top of Tainan Air Base. Spend a few minutes looking over the base.  Maybe you’ll  find some building still standing from your time at Tainan.

It certainly looks different today than many of us remember from our time at Tainan. There isn’t much to be found on the internet concerning Tainan Air Base. 

Apparently the Japanese began construction of the base in 1940-1941 period.  Documents indicate the base was not yet complete in September 1941 when a group of Japanese fighters came together at Tainan to form a new Air Group

We know our presence began in the early 1950s.  One would think at our aircraft landed at Tainan long before 1950, for we were chasing the Japanese Forces north toward the Japanese Homeland.      I would guess that our aircraft were there in the 1940’s, but there is nothing to confirm my speculation of earlier dates.

Many folks passed through it’s gates during the short period the United States maintained personnel in Tainan.  Many pilots and crew visited Tainan for Alert Duty, on TDY or RON. 

If you have stories, photographs or anything else you would like to add to our Tainan stories, or any other area of Taiwan, please get in touch with me.  

Tainan stories begin below, all were sent in by folks who once called Tainan AB home. 

I’m sure the words and photographs will bring a smile to your lips, good feelings to your heart, and return lost Tainan memories to your mind. 


Ed Wexler’s tour at Tainan


Gene Page reflects on Tainan from a high school age young man’s view


Jim Nelson’s stop at Tainan in 1958 - Beautiful old photographs

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Tainan and Chiayi Air Bases “Welcome Booklet dated November 1965


Ralph Henricks’ Tour at Tainan 


















Text Box: The Blue Angels visit Tainan AB 17 November 1971
 Click HERE for a full view of this invitation.