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This picture was taken around Chinese New Year time. The dancing dragon is used by businesses to ensure prosperity and success for the upcoming year. The photo could of been taken in front of Cheng Huang Temple but most likely taken in front of a business. The children not wearing New Year's clothes is an indication it was not taken on New Year's Day. -- text provided by friend Frank Niu and his parents. Photo ca. February 1959.

Note the girls both wearing red clothes and shoes.

This picture shows the different offerings to the Gods for Chinese New Year. One can see whole chicken, wine, and fish offered for the Gods. The black kettle just slightly left of the center is where one puts burning incense sticks after making prayers to the Gods. The two large puppets located on the right side of the photos are two of the "Seven Gods". People from the temple will put these puppets on and walk around a parade route every July 15. The purpose of this parade is to scare and remind people to do the right things so they will not go to a bad place after death. This photo was taken at Cheng Huang Temple, which is identifiable by the pillars shown in the photograph. -- text provided by friend Frank Niu and his parents.  Photo ca. February 1959.

This photo shows two people praying and most likely taken around Chinese New Year. The "Seven Gods" are present on the mantle above the red banner. The red banner says "Lucky, Honest, God". The half cresent moon shaped object on the polished surface of the tabletop (above the left shoulder of the person wearing red) is an instrument used to get answers from the Gods. One would ask the Gods a yes or no question and then lightly toss the object. And depending how it lies, you would get your yes or no answer from the Gods. Most likely the photo was also taken at Cheng Huang Temple based on the pillar on the right side of the photograph. -- text provided by friend Frank Niu and his parents.  Photo ca. February 1959.

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