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Looking east from the top of Shihmen Rock—Circa 1965

A farmer hauling a load of rice—was he on the way to his home, the village or to market?

A charcoal kiln in the road to Shihmen.  Charcoal was the main source of cooking fuel in the 1960’s.

This photo was identified as The Creek at La-May.  It must close to Shihmen judging from the vegetation

A Chinese Temple photograph taken from the highway to Shihmen.

An un-named  fishing village on the road to Shihmen.

A Chinese Temple on the high ground taken from the road to Shihmen.

A family maybe, or could be a small village group, threshing their rice harvest on the asphalt highway.  I remember seeing so many scenes like this on the highways out of the city.  This was the way rice was dried and threshed in the 1060’s during my time in Taiwan


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