Probably most of you will remember this building.  It was just down the street from the Linkou Club and the HSA  East Compound.  It has changed with the passing years, but you can still see the old outline of the 1960’s.

The Catholic Church, looks like Christmas time.  Photo courtesy:  Bruce Rayle

Photo courtesy: Dennis McNelis

Church sign, looks like it’s old enough to be the “original”  probably moved to the  new building during construction.    Photograph was taken in November 2007.


Here are the buildings just after the St. Christopher’s Church, looking toward the old Navy Exchange area.  I noticed that there are many business’ that cater to the Filipino community in Taipei.  Many stores offering freight service, telephone cards, what have you.  In the bottom photo, notice the 7-11 store, the 2 orange and 1 green stripe sign.  See next picture to see location of the 7-11, we have arrived at the corner….




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