Many changes added today.                 I have added a new page,  What We Used and What You Needed.  This page can really be loaded up with stuff —BUT,  we need your input !

Added some PDF files available for e-mail to you,  upon request.

Added to The Clubs of Taiwan.

Hope you’ll send me some of your Stuff …….   Thanks for your help.  Everyone can appreciate the new posts to the pages as you add your things and pictures to our pages.






























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15 July 2007

Merry Christmas and my best to you and your family this holiday season!

Check out the 1965 Christmas Menu from the Taipei Air Station NCO Open Mess—Club 13




 Later next month, in April, I’m off to Taiwan for a ” look see” around the island and a visit with relatives. 

Will post “then and now” pictures in May after my return home.     

Please send in your photographs and thoughts— take some time and send in your stuff—

It’s you folks helping that will keep this page up and growing.  Without you input, those days in Taiwan as we experienced them will vanish, just as we are vanishing and moving on.   Each day that passes, more of us are gone.  Take some time today and help…...

At last ! !    I spent over two weeks in Taipei and a few days in Hong Kong during April/May 2006.  I’ve posted new pictures of Club 63 as it was and as it now looks.  It looks quite similar to what it looked like 40 years ago.  I tried to get some shots from the Grand Hotel, but trees blocked the view and I could not get higher in the hotel on the side to get a good frame of the club.

Those of you who remember Taipei Air Station—I have some photographs of it, as it now looks, only 1 building I believe is still standing—can you guess which one?   You’ll have to wait until I post the new photographs of Taipei Air Station to see if you agree with me.      Now, you have got to help me with photographs and what ever.  Just mail them to me at the address here in Hawaii.  I will scan them and return them to you in the mail.  If you can’t afford the price, send them to me, let me know your funds are short and I will reimburse you for the postage.  You have nothing to loose.  What good are your pictures if no one looks at them.  Are you going to have them buried with you when you pass?  NO—So send them in and let everyone enjoy your pictures before everyone is gone.   God bless each of you.   Kent—Honolulu



Taipei Air Station,  that wonderful small oasis in the south of Taipei.  With the new streets, the metro system and construction on-going, could I find my old home base?   

Not too much to show folks.  I would like to add old photographs, but no one seems to have any,  or has not sent in old photos of Taipei Air Station.  Please keep that in mind when you go through this short update.  Kudos to Ted Quarles for sharing his photographs.

A wonderful set of photos were sent in by Chuck Adkins who was assigned to 2165th Comm Sq with duty station at Shihmen.  Chuck has many photos from “the most northern point on the island of Taiwan” and a number of photos of a formal “Dining In” which took place at Club 13 at Taipei Air Station.  Are you one of the many who attended the function?  Have you ever gone to a Dining In?  I did once at Hurlburt Field Florida in about 1963.  I was a young airman and got detailed to serve food.  The Dining In was held in our dining hall.  Hurlburt Field was just gearing up with the 1st Air Commando Unit, pulling the old aircraft out of the grave yard in Arizona and preparing to ship them to Vietnam.   Go to the Dining In photos.


Here we go—



Next Update will be Shihmen and surrounding area —Photos sent in by  Chuck Adkins  stationed at Shihmen and Gary Wilson of Fukei Point.  Remember McCauley Beach?

You need to send in  your stuff…..

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My best to each of you—Kent -  Honolulu  




Here it is High Summer in the northern hemisphere.  Many of you are not spending much time on the Internet.

I have put some more pictures on the Taipei Air Station page.  I’m still working on the Shihmen pages.   Not too much time to spend on the web site this summer.

Please keep looking for any and all of your photographs, they are richly appreciated.  I just received a group of pictures from the Taiwan Government Archives courtesy of a Taiwanese gentleman.  Old black and white photographs of housing, the Navy Hospital, and other things.  These will be up this fall.

Keep looking for your stuff and send it in.





OK Folks—I have no expertise in discussing Shihmen or the surrounding area, but, with the help of Chuck Adkins and Gary Wilson, their memories and their photographs, here’s what we have.  I finished a full page of Shihmen today.   


Added photos to the CAT/Air America page.


Added a mark-up copy of the wonderful Taipei Air Station Photograph from the 1970’s with pointers to the various buildings.  Check it out and see if we need to make changes.

I’m ready to finish Shihmen and have more pictures to go up in the “general all about Taipei area.”


Thanks for your patience and Aloha from Honolulu..  God Bless you and your families as well as our good friends in Taiwan. 



8 October 2007

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11 October 2007



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14 October 2007









The Guest Book is now Open—Please go back to sign-in  - A big thank you for your help.


New Photographs added to the Taipei City page.


Shihmen—added loads of photographs  - Check these out. 


Put up some Photographs on the STRATCOM Page.  Grass Mountain road and a beautiful picture of the Grass Mountain Valley !!!


A wonderful and large size photo of the 2165th Communications Squadron building

Here it is!


Need everyone to look over the new photograph of Taipei Air Station here.  Do you agree with the notes on all of the buildings?   If not, e-mail me and give me your recollections of the buildings.

Thanks for all help—without you these pages would be nothing but light and ink….




We have located the remains of Taipei Air Station, have a look, start here!



Here’s a new page for 2165 Communications Squadron, Site 4  -  Taoyuan Air Base.  How many folks ever got out there.  Check it out.  I hope to have some more pictures from Site 4 soon.  Site 4 was also know as Detachment H of the Taiwan Air Force.  Go to Site 4.




I arrived in Taipei on Friday, 9 November 2007 aboard China Airlines from Honolulu.  I caught a taxi to town and checked into the Howard Plaza Hotel.  That afternoon and evening I checked in with relatives and then retired to bed about 9:00 PM after trying to stay awake for a few hours.  I was exhausted.  I woke up early Saturday morning, around 5:00 AM and waited for the restaurant to open at 6:00.  I had a big breakfast buffet which was included with the room rate and left immediately for the MRT (subway) station and my first picture taking session.  I misread my map and got off at the Taipei main station, which was correct, but I should have transferred to another route, but instead climbed the stairs and onto the street. Oops, I was at the Main Railroad station.  The wrong place.  I looked at my map and decided to walk to the old Navy compounds, it was early in the morning, few cars or people around and it was a cool cloudy day.  I’m off for the walk, come along with me start  Here  I have not finished this post, but some of it is done and you will enjoy what’s posted already.. 


We have fresh photos of the old 1970s rebuild of Taipei Air Station.  Click HERE to start.


Added some more photos of the rebuild of Taipei Air Station  Click HERE to start from the front and see them all.


Colonel Ed Wexler sent in many photographs and other information on Tainan Air Base. Click HERE


Additional information on the MAAG Officer’s Club Annex  HERE


Gene Page, a young man arrived in Taiwan in 1978 shortly before the United States pulled out.  He lived at the Tsoying Naval Base and also in Tainan.  His letter of recollection is located HERE


Added CCK Orientation Booklet HERE.  Updated Tainan AB with Matador Missile Photograph HERE.


Added Trip to Taiwan Update Page HERE


Added Help Launch the CCK Museum  HERE


We have added Hsinchu pages  HERE

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