Armed Forces Radio - AFNT


AFNT, our life-line to news from home and around the world.

Who didn’t listen to AFNT?  I can still quote from a station break spot of the mid 1960’s,

“This is the Armed Forces Network Taiwan, your voice of information, education and entertainment 24 hours a day.”   Seems like there was a news feed every 30 minutes, if you could hear it, (shortwave feeds)  however, it always seemed to be at least 30 minutes old?   

I have fond memories of AFNT, they did a superb job.

Let’s hear from you former AFNT folks….…  In addition to your thoughts, stories and stuff, it would be nice to have the AFNT Logo, photographs of the building, studios, personnel… everything.  I know you folks have this stuff , send it in.  How about some audio.  We can post a short audio clip from AFNT. 

Click here for the story of what happened to AFNT.

Here’s a link to a classic QSL card posted in 1955 from Armed Forces Radio Taiwan.

Here’s a link to an old radio broadcast from AFNT on a Sunday Evening in June 1968.