Tainan Air Base—1958

          Jim Nelson’s Photographs


As this post on Tainan Air Base comes to a close, I want to thank Jim Nelson for sending us his wonderful photographs. 

There photos are truly outstanding.  They have opened the base gates and brought us into the construction which took place in 1958. 

I seriously doubt there are any other photographs on the internet reflecting this time period in Tainan Air Base’s history.

Much of the construction you have seen today is now gone.  These photographs were taken 51 years ago and the base has undergone construction since then.  I wonder how many, if any of these buildings are still standing today.

Thank you Jim!  Had you not taken time to dig out your old stuff,  the historic record would not have been brought forth for all to see today and long after each of us has departed this earth.

Do you have something that needs to be saved for the next generations?  Let us help preserve it.  We will post it here for all to see. 

Jim, tinkering with a 57mm recoilless rifle.

Jim on the right in the fatigues,  opening up an old barracks at Fort Carson Colorado for Reserve Units arriving for summer training.


Jim,  about June 1959 at Fort Carson standing beside a 1957 Studebaker.  Jim left the Army in July 1959.

Jim at the Harley Shop circa 2008.


Got something, send it to us here.  Thanks for visiting.

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UPDATE— September 2010

The photo below is courtesy of Bud Noris, who was stationed at Naha AB, Okinawa.   Bud was a radar technician on the F-86D aircraft that were sent from Naha AB to Chiyi AB in 1958 during the Quemoy-Matsu Crisis.   This photo was taken at Tainan AB during his TDY period at Chiyi.  He must have gone south for some reason and had lunch at the Tainan “Dining Hall.”  Good food can be prepared anywhere; chances are, this mess hall served some pretty good chow.