Photos Courtesy

Rick Ferch—TAS 1965/66

Taipei Air Station Hostel and Movie Theater

How many Commander’s Calls did you attend in this building..

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Another photograph from Rick Ferch, TAS 1965-66.

If you were stationed at Taipei Air Station, one of the first things you did after arriving in Taipei, probably on the first day, was to take a walk outside the base and down to the Fox Studio.  Those ID photographs were necessary for every thing.  Lets see, ID Tags for 2165th Comm Sq building, for Chinese Military ID Cards, Chinese Driver’s License, Navy Exchange Card, Commissary Card, Embassy Bottle Shop Card, and who knows what else.  What have I forgotten?


Your Chinese Driver’s License

Your Chinese Military Identification Card


Here was the “Gold Card” of cards.

This card got you into the Navy Exchange and Commissary.

The back of the card held the monthly ration  authorization of cigarettes  and beer. 

Why the clubs charged dues is beyond my understanding.  How much did the clubs pull in each month from the slot machines?

I did appreciate the 25 cent breakfast meals.


This had to be in the early 1960’s

Probably in the late 60’s,  notice the cinder block

 wall is clean and trees gave grown up higher than

the houses.

The “Cotton Building” Home of the 2165th Communications Squadron Taipei Air Station

Gosh, it nearly takes your breath away to see the old girl standing proud!

I never thought I would see the old building again, but here she is.

Photograph courtesy of Rich Ferch

Thank you Rich Ferch for sending in your photographs..


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This photograph taken in 1973

Courtesy of  OK Langley.



These 3 photographs were taken from the Barracks.

Oh, how times have changed in Taipei.  Just look at what we overlooked and took for granted in those shacks where our neighbors lived.

The Taiwanese and Chinese people have certainly moved forward in the past 40 years.