CAT/Air America etc.

Just the Taiwan stories from CAT and Air America could fill volumes. 

Who wants to start the ball rolling?    Photos courtesy of Les Duffin


What went on in this building?  I remember that some folks put in their employment applications here.

That is one beautiful plane.  I don’t know where this photograph was taken, it was not taken in Taipei.  

Does anyone recognize the flight line.  I was at Tainan AB a few times, but never paid much attention to the flight line area.


This was probably the old “milk run” plane that flew back and forth from Yakota everyday.  The only thing I can recall about the run down was that the “Stars and Stripes Newspaper” which was  printed in Tokyo arrived on an Air America flight each and every day. Between the Stars and Stripes and the China Post, I could enjoy a long lunch.

I believe my trip up from Clark in 1965 was on an Air America DC-6. 

Text Box: CAT Route Map  - Circa 1968
Courtesy Les D.   -  February 2009