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Some may ask, why did you name the web page “Taipei Air Station” when you could have picked a more encompassing term?   I was stationed at Taipei Air Station and have my history and roots there.  It’s as simple as that.  Yes, more appropriately, maybe I should have gone for MAAG Taiwan.  In fact, I took leave, visited Taipei and found a job at MAAG Headquarters in the early 1970’s.  I was happily anticipating another great tour.  Surprise, surprise, surprise, the powers to be in Washington sent me to Okinawa instead.  You can image how I felt…… But, that’s the military and Okinawa was much better than Nam.

So, it’s Taipei Air Station and each of you will be recognized where ever you served. 

If  your duty station or unit is not listed on the left margin of this page, I’ll put it up when you send in your stuff…   “Stuff” is what you consider appropriate for us to read and enjoy . 








Greeting signage on the front lawn of the

2165th Communications Squadron 

 Taipei Air Station

Here are the folks from the Personnel and Administrative Offices

Circa 1965—1968

2165th Communications Squadron Photo of Personnel and Administration Office Folks outside next to 2165th Comm Sq Signage

I was stationed at Taipei Air Station during the period 1965 –1968.  I arrived a 23 year old. 

The 3+ years  spent in Taiwan taught me many things about life and myself.  I left a much different person than the young Airman who got off the Air America flight from Clark in 1965.  Taiwan was a wake up call and a wonderful learning experience.                           

                                Click on the picture for an closer view.

I’m the person on far right of the photograph in dark glasses, standing with our small office staff for someone’s going away remembrance photograph.