Notice the 7-11 store in the right corner of this photograph. 

This is the other end of the building of the previous picture, the building with the maroon and blue sign on it.

About where the bicyclist is riding was where the old Shu Likou Club was located in 1965.  It was originally an old house set a number of yards off the sidewalk. It had been remolded and looked OK.  They moved the club a short distance south, to the right in this picture in 1967 or 1968.   The club served very good food and it was a meeting point for folks using the Navy facilities.  “I’ll meet you at the Likou Club when I finish.“  If you were like most of us, you dropped a couple of dollars into the slot machines on most visits.

This is the corner of Chung Shan North Road (up and down) and Minzu East Road (left and right) 

The previous picture was taken from the sidewalk up the street 50 yards. Look at the light pole in the previous photograph and the first street light pole in this photograph and you can see where you’re at.

Up the street, approximately where the driveway used to be located  into the West Compound where the NEX gas station, cafeteria, Embassy Bottle Shop, etc., was,  I ran into the “2007 Walking Festival” starting point.  I walked under the banner and into the area to see what was going on.  

Quite a turn-out  for the walk apparently.  I assumed that if you registered and were from a foreign country,  your country’s flag was uncased and unrolled.  I noticed 1 flag next to the US flag that remained cased.   The building just in back of the stage area is the Football (soccer) stadium.  I walked back out to Chung Shan North Road and came across this piece of art.  I guess it was related to the soccer stadium.