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Ed Wexler, Colonel, USAF wrote to Taipei Air Station a few months ago….       (Posted May 2008)

 I was stationed at Tainan AB from 1969 – 1972.  My unit was the 6214th Munitions Maintenance Squadron.  The host unit was the 6214th Air Base Group.  It was an accompanied tour and we had our first child at the Navy Hospital in Taipei. I arrived as a 2LT and left as a Capt. I will assemble some information and send it to you.  You have brought back a lot of good memories.  Regards.” 

Tainan Air Base, located in the city of Tainan was an important base for the Taiwan Air Force and many attached units from the United States. Here is a map of Tainan AB.

I am not privy to all the units which once called Tainan AB home, I know there were many but the complete listing has never shown up in the Taipei Air Station mail box. One unit we are aware of was Air America and another not so well know was Air Asia (Taiwan)

Here is the historical article (re-typed for easier viewing) which was included in the        6214th Air Base Group “Dining In” program booklet dated 24 October 1970.

History of the 6214th Air Base Group 

On 20 October 1957, Det 2, 6200th ABWg (also known as the Tainan Air Base Group) was activated to support the 7th Tactical Missile Squadron (later redesignated the 868th Tactical Missile Squadron which was coming from the CONUS.  Lt Col Carl C. Lee became the first commander of the Tainan Air Base Group.

Another redesignation on 18 August 1958 changed the unit’s name to the 6214th Air Base Group.  The purpose of this was to concentrate administrative and logistic functions for all PACAF units on Taiwan under one commander who served as the Deputy Commander for ATF 13(P)  However, this concept was not utilized because the 1968 Quemoy crisis made it necessary for ATF(P) to resume back it’s responsibilities.  This was mainly due to the fact that no Colonel had been assigned to permanently command the 6214th ABGp.  The position, during the crisis, was filled by a series of temporary appointments.

A series of unit redesignations followed until 1 January 1968 , it reverted back to what is known today as the 6214th Air Base Group.  These unit redesignations came as a result of changes in support requirements.  In the beginning (8 November 1957,) the 868th TMS was the only tactical unit that had to be supported.  Quick Strike commitments was tasked to Tainan 10 May 1959.  (One TM-61C “Matador” has to be launched with 15 minutes of notification and the second missile launched within 40 minutes.) Here is a photograph taken in September 2008 at Tainan AB of the Matador Missile. Quick Strike operations was then tasked to Det 1, 405th FW on 1 April 1961 when it was activated on Tainan.  The 868th TMS discontinued 25 March 1962.

In addition to providing support for contingency operations, the 6214th Air Base Group played a major role during the Vietnam crisis.  For it’s efforts, the 6214th Air Base Group was presented the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for the period 1 January 1966 to 31 December 1967.  Some of Group’s accomplishment during the build-up in Southeast Asia included shipment of 10 million pounds of munitions while there were manning shortages; the Veterinary Services Section provided inspections of all fresh fruits and vegetables from Taiwan and the base Civil Engineers helped make dramatic improvements in the living conditions of all assigned personnel.

In another area of support for SEA operations, Tainan Air Base became the main support base for College Eye Task Force 1 April 1965.  Also, on 1 January 1967, the Group assumed support responsibilities for the DOD Schools Jonathan M. Wainwright in Tainan and Stephen B. Luce in Tsoying.  Most recently the 6214th Air Base Group supported the reconfiguration of several island units that improved the readiness posture of Taiwan.

In summary, the 6214th Air Base Group has a long history of accepting and accomplishing all its objectives.  By maintaining its high standards, the unit will continue to exemplify its unofficial motto, “Total Effort—Always.”

It should be noted that prior to the activation of the 6214th ABGp in October 1957, MAAG had been in Taiwan for a number of years.  Earlier history of units assigned/attached to Tainan Air Base has not been found.  I would assume American military personnel were in MAAG positions in the Tainan area prior to October 1957.  MAAG historical data is not available for research at this time, and probably will never be fully recognized.  The folks who served in Taiwan in 1957, some 51 years ago are up in age and many have already passed.

If you have stories or photographs of your time in Taiwan, please get in touch with me at our email address.  We need to get every piece of information out so that our time and efforts will be documented for the historical purposes and our accomplishments noted for the military who follow us.

Click here for an easy  to read copy of the Honored Guests and Officers to be Decorated

Click here for an easy to read copy of the Head Table and Committee members

The “Dining In” 24 October 1970  and the “Dining Out” 27 March 1971, booklets.


We begin the photographs taken by Ed Wexler during his time in Tainan.  These are very interesting and provide a peek back to the time the Wexler family resided in Tainan.


Taiwan Air Force C-119 aircraft on the way to Taipei.  Twice a week,  military personnel from Tainan could catch a ride to Taipei on the “No Sweat” Airline.  Our folks also flew on C-46’s and C-47’s. 

Taiwan Air Force F-100’s on Tainan Air Base.  They had some very hot pilots and bagged a few MIG’s to prove it.




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