History of the US Air Force in Taiwan

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                                                                                                                           Photo courtesy Rich Ferch—TAS 1965/66

Got a story when you were at Taipei Air Station?  Go here to read stories sent in…..

I have just received a new photograph of Taipei Air Station circa 1975—Go to Photo

Who has pictures of Taipei Air Station?  I know there are many out there! 

Those distinctive covered walkways. 

The movie theater across the street on the way to the tunnel.

The small shops lining the wall outside the gate.          

The small officer and NCO clubs. 

The compound had just about everything you could ask for, all packaged into a very small area.

Taipei Air Station should not to be confused with Sungshan Air Force Base.  Two distinct and different places. 

Taipei Air Station was located off Roosevelt Road a number of miles south.  Sungshan AFB was a  Chinese military facility, which co-existing with the then, Taipei International Airport.

 Vice President Humphrey Reviews the Honor Guard upon his arrival at Sungshan AFB in the 1960’s.




Things have changed at the location of  Taipei Air Station.  Look to the right hand side of the Google Earth picture,  Roosevelt Road, the street toward town, the Navy Exchange and other facilities.  If you think back and visualize retuning to TAS on Roosevelt Road,  you would approach and begin the circle go-round, then quickly take the first right street which led to the main gate of Taipei Air Station, circa 1968.  I understand that the gates were changed sometime after 1968.  Some of old streets we knew are still in existence.  The Chinese military folks are still up the street.  Things have really changed, new roads are in, the Keelung Overhead Expressway is probably sitting over the old Club 13 building or thereabouts.  The old 2165th Comm Squadron Building is also in the general vicinity of the Keelung Road or possibly where the Taiwan Power triple buildings now stand.  It is my understanding the reason the base was rebuilt was the Keelung Expressway was going in. (yes, that was the reason)

It’s been an awfully long time since we walked down these streets and walkways.

What wonderful days they were.



Here it is, the Google Earth shot of what remains of the 1975 rebuild. 

Without the help of  the following folks,  who knows if we would have ever located the old base.  These 2 men sent in their photographs, both photographs  have been on the web page for a number of months.  Only in November 2007, did it occur to me that we might figure out the mystery of what happened to Taipei Air Station if we used the 2 photographs and tried to put the barracks shots together and then use the barracks and the Taiwan Power Company buildings as a guide to figure out where the old base was physically located in today’s Guanguan area.  Bruce Rayle, put 2 and 2 together and his detective work found the buildings which are still standing today. 

1.  The “Rosetta” Photograph, the key to solving the location mystery was sent in by Ted Quarles of Florida.   A big Hawaiian “Mahalo” to Ted….                             

2.  The Arial photograph, shown below,  was sent in by Les Duffin.  A big “Mahalo” to you Les….                                                                           

3.  And my special thanks and appreciation to Bruce Rayle of Alabama who took the 2 photographs, went on Google Earth and located the old base just where it was always sitting.  “Mahalo” Bruce….

3.   If you go to Google Earth to look for yourself, remember of flip the view so you’re viewing from North to South. 





Keelung Overhead Expressway