The street entrance to HQ  MAAG Taiwan.  circa 1968.

The sign was old, the construction residue appears to be for street upgrade and drainage, note cement blocks, sand and gravel stacked to right and front of the MAAG sign.

The MAAG HQ Buildings were located down the side street to the left of the HQ MAAG sign.  Also down this side street was a compound  which contained the Officer’s Club Annex and some USATG buildings.

I contend the best American food in Taipei in 1968 was served at the Officer’s Club Annex.  Wonderful food it was.





Here is the same corner, same location, same streets.

The street running on right side of the street is  Hsin Yi Road (in the process of becoming 2nd Blvd) located in the Daan District


I walked down this side, took a left turn on this corner,  to see if the Officer’s Club Annex was still standing.  To my amazement, it was

(In May 2006)

Now closed and soon to be taken down for new construction, I was able to get inside and look around the old compound.






The Cashier’s cage at the Officer’s Club Annex.  Good food, good atmosphere and a good Barber shop.


Many stories were told in the bar of this club.  Our men and women of strength and courage came home from the likes of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and other areas of danger to relate tales of intrigue to others gathered in the smoke filled bar and the dining room,  here in the Officer’s Club Annex. 











The main entrance to the Office’s Club Annex.  Looks like Christmas Season decorations have been put-up.  

It was truly a place to relax with good food and a friendly atmosphere.




June 1968— My going away party at the club.  We were just outside the front door to the club.  The young ladies worked in the club’s office and cashier’s cage. 

These ladies were wonderful people.  They helped me tremendously during my tenure at the club.




On my visit in May 2006, I was unexpectedly allowed to enter the compound of the old Officer’s Club Annex.  The doors were open, but it was difficult to see much inside other than the dining room area,  Most of the other areas of the club had no windows, no light inside.  The major difference I noticed was a swimming pool in the yard just outside the dining room area.  The barber shop, and other areas of the club, were intact.  I tried to get into the bowling alley area at the far left side of the club, but was unable to open that door. 

My visit brought back many memories.   I hope these photographs stir your thoughts in remembering those days you spent in Taiwan.




The club had been remodeled, probably a few times since my departure in 1968.  The inside was richly paneled in beautiful wood. It appeared the club had been in operation for many years after MAAG closed down.  I didn’t find any signage indicating what the name had been changed to, but I did notice a sign in the swimming pool area which was in English.













The pool was located just in back of the fence in the center of this photograph.


I would guess that the facility had been shut down about a year judging from the growth of the trees, bushes and weeds.

              May 2006                                                                                                      November 2007

A new subway is going in .  Notice the blue and white wooden buildups in the street