MAAG Taiwan





On May 1, 1951, Major General William C. Chase arrived in Taipei as head of the Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) Taiwan.

Supposedly, the last American military were out of Taiwan by 30 April 1979,  or unofficially, shortly thereafter. 

Only 28 years of Military Assistance to Taiwan under MAAG Taiwan. 


Our embassy had officially closed on March 1, 1979.  Only 28 years.


You were part of those 28 years, and our efforts contributed to some part of Taiwan’s well being,   just take a look at Taiwan today……..


I do remember my feelings when I heard the news of our pull-out from Taiwan. 

It was not a burst of sunshine, more a feeling of hurt and despair.

During those 28 years, many of us, both military and civilian, in so many spectrums of duties called Taiwan home or home base.


Here is a representative document that could be identified as one of the many that should be titled, the “beginning of the end” of our close relationship with the people

and government of Taiwan.   





HQ MAAG Signage 1968


Click on the black and white HQ MAAG Photograph and take a trip down the block !