Hsinchu  新竹市


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The Aandahl Family of Hsinchu


It is the summer of 1960 and my sister Meris and I are at Green Grass Lake outside Hsinchu with some friends from the MAAG compound in Hsinchu. We are sitting on a road barrier on top of the earthen and rock causeway. This was a most pleasant spot located about 3 kilometers southeast of the city. The friends are unidentified. I recall we also went on a railway excursion up to Neiwan in the hills together. I wonder if these children have any of their parent's photographs of that trip?

Pastor Lee Yau-kung and his wife came to Taiwan from China in the late 1940s as a part of the mass Nationalist Chinese exodus. Pastor Lee was the minister at the Nan Ta Lu church in Hsinchu. His wife was famous for her homemade Chinese pork dumplings. Every few months she would appear at our door with a tray of dumplings she had just made. All we had to do was boil them. Delicious is a word that would never do justice to her dumplings. Photo taken in 1958.

The Kao family are outside their home near the Hsinchu Air Force base in 1958. Stephen Kao was in the Nationalist Chinese air force and they arrived in Taiwan in 1949 with nearly two million other refugees from the mainland at the conclusion of the Chinese civil war. Their son Thomas was born in 1952. Laura, seen above, wearing a beautiful red Cheongsam became like an elder daughter to my parents, in part I suppose because my oldest sister Mayling did not come to Taiwan with us.

The Lin family were also refugees from the mainland of China. Mr. Lin was an elder in the Victory church while Mrs. Lin was a close friend of my mother's. They are pictured with their son in 1958 outside of their home.

The Chang's were not friend's from my parent's missionary work. I believe my father met them through the Hsinchu Rotary club. Mr. Chang was a former diplomat of Nationalist China (the Republic of China) and had been assigned to Cuba. They settled in Hsinchu and lived in a Japanese house near the small lake on Kung Yuan Lu south of the railway station. They are shown in 1958 near their house with a newly harvested rice field behind them.

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