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The Rebuild of Taipei Air Station

I’m guessing that this photograph is the rear of the NCO Club and the old 327th Air Division building back side is down on the right with the blue awnings.  Do you recognize the building?  Send in you ideas.

OK who recognizes this building.  It sure looks like it’s one of our old buildings.  Note the Air Conditioner space under the center window.  It was some office.

Who can ID this one?

Is this a different building or is it the rear of the building just above?  Some has to have a positive ID on these buildings.

We’re leaving out the front gate today.  To bad they removed the sign.  Do you have a photograph of this gate?  Please send in all of your photos, we need them. 

327th AD Hq


New NCO Club




New Main Gate









Chow Hall?


Old NCO Club?


2165th Bldg?


Rec Center?


SP Bldg


Downtown via Roosevelt Rd


AOC Tunnel


Post Office?


Amex Bank?


Old Main Gate?




 Mark up on this photograph is courtesy of John Hurst.

I took the liberty of lifting this photo from Google Earth. 

This is The School of Management, located in the TAS Rebuild Area.  I would guess it sits on top of the old Navy Exchange  Building area ground.

The photograph was submitted by—                Shu-chuen Huang

The steps we talked about in the NCO Club pictures would be at the right hand side of this building as we now look at it. You can see the NCO Club roof standing behind the trees on the right side of this picture. The day Mr. Shu-Chuen took this picture was one of the few clear days seen in Taipei.  NEXT