Site 4, 2165th Communications Squadron was located on Taoyuan Air Base

The airport next door was recently renamed Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

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Site 4, 2165th Communications Squadron—Taoyuan Air Base—Circa 1965/1966

Rick Ferch e-mailed the following in December 2007:  I was in the old building, and they were about to move into the new facilities when I left Taiwan.  I sort of know the area where the new place was, having looked at the construction, but I don't think I could identify it.  I'm sure the old building must have been demolished as it was just a shack.  Photo courtesy of Rick Ferch.

Larry, Gil and George at Site 4. 

Notice the old AFCS patch on the right pocket of the fatigues.

Site 4 Radio gear.

Radio Relay Antenna

Site 4—Taoyuan AB

Washing Dishes, remote KP at Site 4…….


Gil Solloway in a comfortable chair at Site 4





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