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If you’ve searched for “Taipei Air Station” in the past without success, look no more, you just won’t find anything else.  This is it…  No one has put anything together that I can find.

My memories of Taiwan were always happy, and I wanted to share them with others. 

I know many of you have the same warmth in your heart for the time you spent in this wonderful country. 

As you review the past and relive those earlier times in your life, I suspect many of the memories of  those days brought forth a sense of  happiness and joy, and probably a smile to your face.

Since no one had opened a web page for everyone who served Uncle in Taiwan, a place to  express thoughts and stories of our times in Taiwan,  I have decided to begin a page and a journey with each of you who would contribute some of your thoughts and photos.

Shu Linkou Air Station has a wonderful web page, however, they’re set up for folks who were stationed at Shu Linkou.  Many wonderful stories and photographs.  Check out the “Dawgs.”  

Another page I’ve found is the 2nd Missile Battalion, 71st Artillery ,Taiwan.  This unit rushed to the Taipei area in 1958 during the Taiwan Strait Crisis.  They have an interesting page which includes a map of their set-up positions which surrounded the city of Taipei.  

A personal page of Joel Aronson provides interesting photographs and commentary of his time in Taipei.

Here’s a page everyone needs to visit, Taiwan Veterans Badge of Honor Association.  These folks have a wonderful page bringing together all veterans and recognizing their service to the Republic of China. 

“Taipei Air Station”  is open to everyone, no matter where you served, on or off the island. 

There’s no question that many of you had unpleasant days in Taiwan, I remember some folks being unhappy, some who could not wait for their tour to end.  Others didn’t want it to end or ever be over.

No matter where you’re at in this equation, you have a story to tell or pictures to share.  I can’t imagine anyone leaving Taiwan without a moment or incident during their tour which changed them in some way.  Those months or years in Taiwan were part of your life and they shaped your thinking, however large or small.  It’s history and you were part of it.

Our time in Taiwan will be as transient as smoke and clouds—unless we preserve the stories and photographs.

I’m asking you to share your memories with others who were fortunate to have served in this wonderful country.  Politics aside, we all have so many memories to share. 
























MAAG or HSA Taipei East Compound

No mater what service or agency you worked for, here was everyone’s comfort zone.

Contained in these buildings and those directly across Chungshan N. Road was a small Essence of America !

Looks like early spring  in Taipei — note the Easter sign on the wall of the small building directly to the left of the gentleman in the white shirt walking on the sidewalk in the center of the photograph.


Circa 1976—1977   Photo courtesy of  Al Budington








Stories, Remembrances, Thoughts and Photographs = History of our service in Taiwan

If you would search those boxes in your closet, cellar or where ever, review your “stuff” and lets begin to put a web site together, where each of us can contribute.  You might share photos, stories, or thoughts about your time in Taiwan. 

Our lives have had up’s and down’s, but we’re still around to share,  let’s reflect back on our Taiwan experiences. . .

You’ve experienced things in Taiwan most of us never encountered.  Bring us into those times with you, as you remember and picture them in your mind. Bring those stores which your heart tells you to share. 

The time is NOW, life is passing by and we’re all,  for the most part, over the hump and on our way out.  Let’s hear your stories and see your photos. . . .

 For many of us, it’s been 40 + years since our tours were up.  For others it’s been more.    It’s time for the stories to be told.

If we don’t tell our stories, who will?  Let’s get them down.

Send me a note and let’s move on with this Web Site… It’s going to be fun ! 

As Steve Hartman of CBS News says, “Everybody Has A Story.”  What’s yours? 

How many of you know that a couple of Uncle’s military folks commandeered a train in the south of Taiwan and drove it all the way up island?  Now that’s a story to be told.   Who out there has the real story of the train heist?  That incident must be lore in the Taiwan Railway Administration.  The names of the engineer and crew will of course be omitted if requested.  I wonder what military justice took place at the end of the trip?   But, it’s long ago and now the time has come to publish the whole story right here in these pages…  Lets document the real story before it’s gone without being told first hand.

This initial opening page is here to provide a point for you to send in your stories, pictures or what ever for inclusion on these pages.  As more contribute, the site will grow and expand for all to share and enjoy…..

I know YOU have stories, let me know and I will help you put it together.  E-mail me.  

If you’ve got photographs and don’t have a scanner, let me know and we’ll work out a way for you to get them to me.  Pictures also tell stories and open doors in our minds.

Don’t wait, put it on your list of things to do—

Send your stuff to Taipei Air Station ! ! !

God Bless…..

Here are some ideas from an endless list of things, I’m just touching the top of the list, which could go on for pages and pages…..

Your first thoughts after arrival at the airport and that first ride along the canal to Taipei Air Station or your duty station.

Your introduction to the musky aromas of coal and charcoal fires, foods, the city, the country side.

The housing, having to start the coal hot water heater in the cold damp morning.

A stop at an “off-limits” noodle stand for a late night snack.

Membership night at all of the clubs.  Slot machines, poker games.

$25.00 silk and wool suits made to order.

Driving in Taiwan.

Living in town, the barracks, the hostels or your home on the economy.

Headquarters Support Activity  The Navy Exchange, and all the good things it had to offer.

Movies down town. Purchasing tickets and waiting in line just to get a seat.

Weekends, what to do.  J

Radio and TV (Sunday always had some English language shows and the Peking Opera) How about Ghost Stories on AFNT on weekends.. Always a chill down the back. 

Reading the China Post and Stars and Stripes.  Not much else to do at the club while enjoying your 25 cent breakfast unless you fed the nickel slot machine.

Pinochle games, Monday games at Club 63 were always fun.

Oh—the free haircut at the club barber shop and the massage when the barber was finished cutting your hair with scissors, and that manicure too. It was so relaxing and refreshing. It was hard not to fall asleep in the Barber chair.

What stories can you contribute — Send anything no matter what you think about it,  your thoughts will stir the memory of some one else who also has a story.

Hauling potable water home to drink.  The lineup at the water spigot in back of the Taipei Air Station NCO Open Mess.  Where did you get your drinking water?

Fresh milk in soda bottles from the Foremost store.

When they began to reconstitute the powered milk with some type of coconut oil or milk or something from the coconut, the milk began to be somewhat acceptable to the palate again.  I had given up on that powered stuff.  

Having a case of cold 6 ounce bottles of coca cola in your refrigerator you purchased from the Embassy Bottle Shop.

Local white bread that had a faint taste of what DDT smelled like.  Really!

I still have beautiful teak furniture from Taiwan.  What price today for the furniture we were able to purchase in the 60’s.

What more can I say?  Let’s put together our part of the history of this island.

Thank you.

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Navy Exchange and Commissary Photograph


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